The GC Foster College of Physical Education and Sports in collaboration with the Jamaica Amateur Athletic Administration (JAAA) and by extension the International Association of Athletic Federation (IAAF) recently conducted an IAAF Level 1 Technical Officials Education Certification Course. The course was concluded with an examination for the twenty five (25) participants on Saturday January 7th 2012.
 The introduction of such a course was actually the brain child of Mr. Paul Beckford, a past student, now lecturer at the institution. The objective to the course as sanctioned by the institution was to equip persons with the requisite skills not only to be educators in their unique field of study, but also  equipped with additional certification in sporting programs as they present themselves. This contributes to more rounded graduates.
 The idea of the course is centered around GC Foster College taking a multifaceted approach as it relates to education. Being the only one of its kind in the English Speaking Caribbean makes it unique and it must be demonstrated in every way possible.
The course started on Saturday December 19th 2011 and concluded with an assessment on Saturday January 7th 2012.
Successful participants will receive an IAAF level 1 Technical Official Certificate. With this they will be certified to officiate at any local and regional track and field meet.
The Facilitator was Mr. Garth Gayle, a regional IAAF lecturer, and the Course secretary and organizer was Mr. Paul Beckford, Lecturer-GC Foster College.